Reginald Dent

The Palm Reading Gent






Looking for a unique entertainer?


...then allow me to help! I am an English Palm Reader, now based in Switzerland. With over 25 years performing experience, I can provide you with a variety of reading styles and lengths, in both German and English:

• General Hand Analyses
• Health, Wealth & Love Readings
• Partner Readings (Great for weddings!)
• Group Readings/ Lessons

Whether I'm mixing and mingling at a walk-around event, working table-to-table at a meal or banquet, or even have people visit me at a designated location at the venue, rest assured you will be hiring a professional, reliable entertainer to deliver engrossing, memorable entertainment at your next event:

• Weddings
• Birthdays
• Christmas Parties
• Apéros
• Office/ Corporate Celebration
• Restaurants & Bars
• Client/ Corporate Hospitality
• ...or you name it!

All guests and clients who receive a reading also get a FREE, souvenir reference guide and a FREE, download copy of my beginner's guide to palm reading.


Modern Palmistry is a fascinating and magical process which maps the correlation between the shapes, lines and contours of a person's hand, and their personality/character traits; to a remarkably accurate degree. As a form of entertainment, you are guaranteed an insightful, positive and, most importantly, fun experience; delivered in a responsible and ethical manner. No professional advice and/or counselling is given, or 'fortune telling' predictions made.


"Thanks again, Reg, for helping make my new shop opening a great success. Everybody loved the palm reading and English sense of humour" - Christian D. Link, Owner of Wunderkammer, Zurich

As well as countless private customers and many event companies, I, together with my second sister company, Ghost Walk of Zurich, am proud to list some of Switzerland's and the world's most successful businesses among my corporate clients.

Actelion, SVA Basel, Bayer Pharma, Unispital Basel, Spital Rheinfelden, Zurich Insurance, UBS, Google, 20th Century Fox, Allianz, J P Morgan, Price Waterhouse & Cooper, Klett.
Migros, Zurich Financial Services, Maesrk. Credit Suisse, British Airways, HSBC, Clientis, Swiss Re, Kraft, AIG, Die Post, Novo Nordisk, Watson Wyatt, Bloomberg, ETH, Guerlain, Idorsia.


"Everybody was absolutely captivated" - Zurich Comedy club
Reginald Dent has spent the last 25 years working as a professional entertainer. In that time he has performed both Close-Up and Stage Magic, and worked as a strait-jacket escaping, fire eating, razor blade swallowing, target whipping while riding a unicycle blindfolded (yes, blindfolded) Street Performer.

He spent 7 years with the award-winning Ghost Hunt of York, before moving to Switzerland to start his own Ghost Walk of Zurich, now in its 12th successful year. This has led to him featuring on UK, American, Australian and Dutch television; Radio Zürisee and Radio 24; and many Swiss national and regional newspapers including Tages Anzeiger and Migros Magazine.

More recently, he has originated and published a brand new method of giving 'psychic readings' with a Rubik's Cube called Cubacle, which has received glowing praise from many top names working in the Psychic Entertainment field.

He currently lives in Zurich with his Swiss wife and two expensive children, and when he's not performing, he can be found scouring antiques markets for a new addition to his ever expanding collection of magnifying glasses or practicing the Japanese martial art of Aikido.



For all enquiries and bookings, contact Reginald:

+41 (0)78 694 24 06